Ready for Sale Home Staging

Is YOUR home READY For Sale?

A great first impression goes a long way to ensure that your home is at the top of the list! You wouldn’t think of selling your car without detailing it first – why would your home be any different? Getting your home READY FOR SALE can be frustrating and time consuming.  You may wonder, “WHAT DO I NEED TO DO FIRST?”

Let me take the weight off your shoulders and guide you to making the improvements
that will help your home sell faster and for top dollar.

Using existing furnishings and supplementing when necessary, help with curb appeal, clutter control, organizing, hiring sub contractors and staging your home for sale will make all the difference.  You want to make your  home SHINE to be competitive in the market place.

Let me help you take those steps that will get your home…READY FOR SALE!

Specializing in:

  • Custom Home Refurbishing and Updating
  • Staging and Detailing Homes for Sale
  • Maximizing Curb Appeal
  • Accessorizing key rooms
  • Home De-Cluttering
  • Increasing Your Home’s Value

What a pleasure it’s been working with you! Your professionalism, consideration and reliability leave nothing at risk. Looking forward to another project together.


Glen Cannon, NC